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I didn't know razors cost so much :iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 0 0 I'm part Purple Guy :iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 0 3 FNaF: All Good Things Must Come To An End :iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 0 0
FNaF OC: Daisy (Prequel Theory Version)
Name(s): Daisy the Marionette
Species modeled after: Human, quite possibly a Puppet? (LOL Not very original, I know) 
Duration of service (age): Through out FNaF 1 and FNaF 2
Height: About 5' 3" 
Fur colour: Fair
Eye colour: Chocolate Brown
Reason for decommission: Was old and run down. She started freezing up and her joints wouldn't move properly. 
Brought back into service?: Yes, and the same model was used because of difficulty of replicating it on such a short budget. 
Function in the Pizzeria: In Five Nights 2 she was an Attraction, but in Five Nights 1 she was turned into a waitress because of lack of space and lack of employees (And lack of, well, the Marionette). 
Level of intelligence (measured against a person): About that to an A student/12 year old in 6th grade.
Programmed personality: Kid friendly and like an over-protective mother. Was nice to both the adults and children. Liked to put on a show in her days as an Attr
:iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 1 4
FNaF OC: Melody the Security Guard (WIP)
NOTE*: Melody is an incomplete character! She is based off of what I think the Security Guard should be like in Five Nights 3! The game would need to come out so I could finish her bio! XD This is incomplete and will be edited overtime!
Name: Melody Shores
Age: Around 19
Height: 5' 8"
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 22nd
Orientation: Straight
Profession: Night Watch at Freddy Fazbear's Horror Attraction

Name: Melody Della Robbia
Age: 19
Birthday: October 22nd
Height: 5' 8"
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Night Watch, Collage Student
Personality: Kind of grouchy during her night shifts, but only because her sleep was interrupted. During her day shifts she is a lot more nice and doesn't have such a 'Every man for himsel
:iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 0 0
HetaMeme :iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 2 0 Yu-gi-oh! Confessions 1 :iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 0 0
As you can see from the title, this is going to be a hilarious story about how I indirectly ship GerIta, and how I'm still confused if I do or don't.
Allow my to explain it all.
I have started a thing up in my class. Basically, everyone chooses a country and will represent it. I have majority of the people in my class, and I noticed no one had chosen Italy.
I was USA (America) at first, but I changed that because I wasn't quite happy with it. In the meantime, I asked my crush to choose a country, and, you can guess what he chose.
I am Italy, after all.
(This is just random, but since he's German, I asked him to speak German for me. He did do this, but he said I was a weird girl with very funny looking hair -.-)
So, I had changed to Italy a little while after he had chosen Germany. I had NO CLUE what I had JUST DONE, considering I don't even SHIP GerIta. The only reason I changed to Italy was because I felt a little bad that out of all common countries, there was no Italy.
:iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 0 2
Would you Rather...? Heta Style
Got this from :iconPasta-Magic:
1. Would you rather take care of Chibi America or Chibi Romano?
Chibi Romano sounds fun, although Chibi America is reasonably easy to take care of (After all, all he's going to  do is sleep, eat, and ask to play with random ish)
Chibi Romano.
2. Would you rather eat England's cooking or go training with Germany?
I can't work out for ish (Which is really sad, considering I'm only ____)
I only like to work out when I have a full battery and know I can survive.
Besides, if America ate England's cooking for all those years, I'm pretty sure my taste buds would only get fried, right?
right? *crying*
3. In the event of a fire, would you rather save France and lose China or save Germany and lose Russia?
I love both France and China, and I don't technically care for Germany and Russia.
Besides, both Germany and Russia are pretty strong, and we all know France is kind of a wuss...
Probably just France (He
:iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 2 25
(2)Boku Demotivational~: Cleverbot and FrUK :iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 1 2 Boku Demotivational~: Cleverbot ships GerIta :iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 1 0
Hetalia Theory-Lightsky Island (OC)
As soon as the teacher dismissed us, I got up with my bag and walked to the exit. As soon as I approached the door, I saw a trio block my path out.
Oh crap. It's them.
"And where do you think you're going, Daisishmy?" The leader, Claratice asked. I saw the look in her devilish eyes and that ugly smirk that she wanted to cause trouble.
"Oh, I don't know." I replied, my voice dripping with sarcasm. "How about my next class?"
She frowned. "Look, I don't like you, and you don't like me. So, unless you don't want to get hurt, I suggest you keep your ugly little mouth shut."
Claratice and her trio all heel-turned and walked away. I raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, you keep thinking that!" I shouted back. I walked down the hall and came to the Girl's Bathroom. I pushed open the doors and set down my caramel school bag. Jeez, I've been having to use the bathroom for hours now-!
What's that smell? It smells like...smoke. Ahrg good Lord, is someone smoking in here?! I walked into one of the 3
:iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 1 0
50 Things LSI can't do
1. I can't sneak Sealand into World Meetings.
2. -Even though he is my Best Friend.
3. I can't tell people I'm a boy to get out of chores and Houses Maiding.
4. -Even if they do really believe I'm a boy and let me off the hook.
5. -Which is kind of sad. :/
6. I cannot fight in any wars because I don't have a military.
7. I cannot let Eminari invade my island.
8. -Even though he's my other Best Friend.
9. -But he's the younger brother of Arnebinia, so...
10. I cannot talk to Gron-mevs France.
11. -Because England said so.
12. I cannot let my Nyo! take care of my island for a day.
13. -Because it would most likely be poorer than it already is.
14. I cannot call Arnebinia a Minskin.
15. -Because that would be rude.
16. I cannot do Tight-roping at festivals.
17. I cannot talk to any adult informally.
18. I cannot bow like a boy.
19. -Even though it's better that a curtsey.
20. -Stupid girl curtseys.
21. I cannot talk to anyone in
:iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 1 0
30 Things About Lightsky Island
1. I can do Skipping Rope like a pro.
2. -And my country occasionally has contests for it.
3. Even though I am still young, some of the girl nations think I am not well aware of the 'cycle'.
4. -Which I very well am.
5. -More aware than the men.
6. My first love was the prince I met at a ball. His name was Prince Henry the III, and he was the same age as me.
7. -We loved each other a lot.
8.-Though he was engaged.
9. -And he later died. :'(
10. Though I am more or less likely lazy, I can do what I put my mind to.
11. Because of the fire that happened on my island back in 1957, I don't technically like fire.
12. I am a fairly weak country, because of my lack of a military.
13. -Which New Dscandia helps me with.
14. I never knew my sister, Lietscandia, for she died before I was born.
15. -Though people say she was very nice.
16. I can also do Futball, or Soccer, very well.
17. Despite what others think, I actually have a British accent and talk in a very proper way.
18. -Though for
:iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 0 0
My Mom's Reaction To Hetalia :iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 2 6 Detective Demotivational- Shinichi Crying :iconsimrandycunninghamx2:SimRandyCunninghamx2 1 2


Honk's Guide to Writing Decent Stories
Hello! It is time for another one of Honk's Guides, brought to you by me, Honk! B) In this guide I'll go into detail about how I personally develop my stories and a possible way on how you could. Any examples that may be needed will come from my storyverse that I've been developing for a few years now.
Part One; ProtagonistThe way I personally write my protagonists is I sketch out a character to get an idea of what their appearance will be. If I draw them as non-human then I usually develop what species they are afterwards, then how that species is. For example, I drew my newest character Aeonira out of complete boredom, but I ended up liking her and establishing that she's an Archdemon after I was mostly pleased with her design. 
Now, I've had an entire universe along with a pantheon set up for a long time now, so whenever I write a character I can usually just toss them in there somehow and it makes the process a lot easier. So I'm not entirely sure if this order of proce
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 26 18
Honk's Guide to Writing Decent Literature
Guess what it's motherfuckin' time for?! Another one of Honk's Guides™! People ask me for feedback and criticism all the time so I'm gonna make this for anyone who wants to write some stuff! Hell yeah!
Step One; Formatting
Formatting doesn't really need to be anything fancy. It doesn't have to have a pretty alignment or whatever - but if you want to do that it's chill chill. Unless you're trying to be professional, then it's not chill chill. Don't use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS FOR EMPHASIS, very few people are able to get away with this - like J.K Rowling - but even then she doesn't do it too it often. Try using italics or an exclamation point (only one!) for emphasising. If you really want to get the message across that they were shouting, then describe it!
E.g. "I didn't want salmon, I said it four times!" shouted Will, his vocal chords straining at the volume of his voice.
Also, make sure you paragraph your writing. The way you can tell when to paragraph is when t
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 42 20
Honk's Guide to the Dos and Don'ts of Description
i just saw a girl throw up on her own face. also i want to talk about descriptions i've been reading in fanfics on here. don't get me wrong, write fanfics how you like, but this is my opinion on how you should - or could - write them......
welcome to Honk's Guide to the Dos and Don'ts of Description™!
Step One; Basic Shit to Describe
A lot of people tend to say bullshit like "show us, don't tell us." which is true. You should show. If you just tell us it it's just pointless exposition. If you want to write good literature you need to be able to accurately describe WHAT'S happening rather than WHY it's happening.
Don't worry, you can get to the why later. But in description, what is more important than why.
Basic things to describe is the environment. Where are they? What is happening? How is the weather? Is the weather affecting their mood? What is their mood? Go into detail.
No one wants to read an entire page of Jimmy going to the sho
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 27 12
The Importance of Original Ideas
Hey guyssss, so this is more of an informational journal, and it's about the importance of ORIGINAL ideas. I wanted to point out a few things, that might be muddled in between writers/artists/etc. But more so between writers because it's easy to change a few things from someone else's plot and call it our own.
I have inspirations. Some truly amazing fics really inspire me to write something that is SIMILAR or rather in the same universe. Some fics inspire me to write something epic or emotional. But if i do choose to write something that is increasingly close to the style or plot of what somebody ALREADY did, that is when i have to credit that person.
Crediting the original creator is extremely important. 
Also, being inspired and essentially imitating a person's fic are completely different things. For example, if i say "Blu wrote a fic about Levi being a bitter biscuit" and i wrote a fic about Levi being a bitter biscuit yet changed some things...that's not being inspired
:iconespressocakes:espressocakes 28 6
Tips on Keeping Characters/OCs Realistic
Hello everyone! I've debated which topic I should give tips on (a few others were how to keep Levi in character, how to describe scenes, etc) and this one was what I finally went with. Basically, I'm going to give some tips and examples on how to keep your OC "realistic", and prevent them from becoming a Mary Sue. Why is this important you may wonder? Well, if you're reading a story/fanfiction/whatever, and there's a perfect character, doesn't it just feel plain annoying? If I'm reading a story and see a character is way too perfect to be true - I'll probably stop reading it.
I'm sure I'm not the only one that may feel this way. Now, I'm not saying that your character has to be the most imperfect thing to ever exist, I'm just giving my humble ideas on how to keep a character realistic and believable.
Tip 1; Know The Canon World They're in
This is a very important step. I'll use the Attack on Titan world as an example. If your character is from the AoT world, trust me, they
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 78 28
The reality of SNK
So the lovely :iconthenobodyofasoldier: and i have been talking for the past few days about SNK's message... 
Here's the deal: SNK IS A SERIOUS ANIME.
There are so many points of this show that are seriously beyond the "light" nature we make this anime out to be. The morality, the angst, the questioningThe whole anime questions your morality. Whether the killing is right or wrong. Whether your hands should be tainted with blood.There are certain lessons from this anime that i caught first hand: the rich are comfortable while the poor are at the front lines. The rich think there is no problem cause they're comfortable while the poor die. The unfortunate are sacrificed for those in the higher levels to succeed. Should you take another man's life? Is it okay, for others to sacrifice their lives for you to live?There is no room for love, cause that person will die. Should you go to the military police to save your life? OR go to garrison/survey corps and most likely die
:iconespressocakes:espressocakes 31 39
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hate Petra
Sooo I'm pretty tired of seeing comments where people are screaming "OMG I HATE PETRA!1!!!!1!!!! LET'S ALL KILL HER LMAO" and crap like that. First off - comments on stories shouldn't be about your deep hate for a fictional character. They should be about something relating to the story, and even if that character is in the story, do you honestly really need to comment that? Like, I got a comment on a story awhile back where someone said they wanted Levi to eat Petra's flesh and blood or force him to watch the person kill PetraI personally think it's unnecessary to say super vulgar things like that. Anyways, I decided to give a list of reasons why Petra is an awesome character that isn't worthy of all this hate.
1. How sweet she is, and that it's genuine. After seeing comrades die, and failure again and again, Petra has managed to stay optimistic. She's kindhearted, and is one of the few female characters that are. 
2. She's a strong charac
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 65 170
Another SnK Writing Tip: The Military Police
OKAY, so the Military Police. Yeah, it's so very corrupted. YAS, THEY'RE SO MEAN AND EVIL AND SO ON. 
Hell, we've seen how they abuse their power in the series for selfish gain.
But, please keep in mind this as you write stories:
A lot of fanfictions portray the Military Police as SO evil and literally possesses no good whatesoever. And don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the Garrison and the Survey Corps have no reason to clash with them, especially with the way their work has been split. 
But, there's no reason to make them 100% evil. Because they aren't. 
Quite a few of them are just a group of people desperate to get away from the horrors of the outside. And after seeing everything, would you blame them? Isn't it your natural instinct to pick whatever keeps you safe first? I'm pretty sure if they graduated high enough, most of the trainees would go that route.
But, you see there are some soldiers who want to serve under the king as
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 11 11
Tips on Writing for the SnK World
Beautiful ladies such as :iconespressocakes:, :iconCaptain-Fan:, and :iconAttackonfanfiction: have written journals like this. 
So, here's my addition, except this covers general ground.
Alright, here we go then!
1. Please remember that the world of "Attack on Titan," while being an alternate universe, still takes place in the later years of the first millennium, which in our time would be somewhere in the Middle Ages, as the Middle Ages consists of the 5th to 15th Century. Even if the timeline is still speculated, let's take what is known about this area, the 800s.
Now, being in this time period consists of a few unavoidable facts.
No electricity existed in this time. No on/off light switches. No flashlights. Anything like that. They had lanterns, torches and fires. The usage of electricity wasn't discovered until the 17th Century. 
Indoor plumbing did not exist in this era. They did not have faucets they could turn on and off. They did not have running water. They did not h
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 54 44
Listen here kiddos,
it's time for a math lesson in basic statistics.

This is a bell shaped curve.
Since the SNK universe military has more than 35 members, according to the Central Limit Theorem, we should have a normal distribution.
As you can see 68% of people are between 1 standard deviation (σ) above or below the average/mean (μ). If you don't know what a standard deviation is, it's basically a measurement of the degree of variance in a set of data. The average score is 5 on the SNK OC Statistics, and a standard deviation would be about 1 point. Therefore, on a normal curve like the one we have, the average of ALL of your statistics averaged should give you a an average score between 4 and 6. That's 68% of you.
If your OC has stats above 7 or 8 as an average overall score, guess what?
Unrealistic special snowflake bullshit.
Only 2.5% of the ENTIRE FUCKING MILITARY has an average overall of 7+. Only 0.5% has an average of
:iconcaptain-fan:Captain-Fan 30 47
Guide for SNK OCs I'm not an expert in necessarily making original characters, but because of my heavy theatrical background, I have sat through HOURS AND HOURS of character development classes back in my theater days. I have been an actor, writer, and director, and I can assure you, character development is a HUGE thing you need to consider. This is especially true for making your original character.
A question that often gets asked is:
"How to I make my OC interesting without them being a Mary-sue/Gary-Sue?"
I am going to take you step by step with each aspect to consider regarding SNK original characters.
Remember, this is taking place in Europe. Try to pick a European name that seems to make sense. Having a Russian or Turkish OC wouldn't be too far off the mark either. However, their language and/or customs would likely be lost since they are within the walls with Europeans. Think of Mikasa; she was asian, yes, but you didn't see her eating with chopsticks and saying "Konichiwa Eren-
:iconcaptain-fan:Captain-Fan 107 74
Five Nigths at Freddy's :iconmaycky-chan:Maycky-chan 70 18 Not again... :iconmaycky-chan:Maycky-chan 135 9 Night shift :iconmaycky-chan:Maycky-chan 77 30 It will be fun... :iconmaycky-chan:Maycky-chan 102 91 The Time to Go Fnaf 3 :iconmaycky-chan:Maycky-chan 203 37



I will be making a new DeviantART. This is an update for those of you who would like to know. 
Alright, so judging by the title, y'all know what's up.

So yes: I am leaving DA.

I have kind of gotten bored of it (not saying it's boring), and truth be told, I don't actually use my account anymore. I'm not going to deactivate my account or anything, but I'll just be on an indefinite hiatus.

Before I go, I just want to thank anybody who's watching me. Anybody who actually commented or favorited my art. Anybody who gave it a second thought: thank you.

I'm going to upload some more art and whatnot before I leave, just for old times sake. Just once more.

I might come back sometime in the future, I might not. Either way, for now, this case is closed.


•melodysafreakingsecurityguard (Sorry, couldn't get a link)

Love you guys so much! Thank you for being such awesome people!

              Logging off,
                                    ~Melody Smith, A.K.A                           SimRandyCunninghamx2


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Leaving DA. Love y'all~
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Hey, it's SimxRandyCunningham, on my new account, SimRandyCunninghamx2! Check out mut my previous account, but also make sure to check out this one too!

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